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  1. Oversee and understand operations of their respective division
    1. Run the Try-Out Process for your division

                                                              i.      Get list of all registered players in your division with try-out number from Membership Director.

                                                            ii.      Establish how many teams you will have for the season.  Winter league:  9 players per team.  Summer league:  10 players per team. 

                                                          iii.      Make list of coaches from registration forms.  If you do not have enough coaches from the forms, try to contact parents until you have a head coach for each team.

                                                          iv.      Contact each coach by phone, to inform them that they are coaching .  Then e-mail them the following information:

1.      List of coaches in your division with phone numbers

2.      List if players with size, weight, school ball etc.

3.      the date & time of try-outs

4.      date & time of the draft

5.      list of available team names

6.      open discussion of practices versus games (18 hours) 

                                                            v.      At try-outs.  Introduce yourself to all coaches.  If you are coaching in the league you are directing, arrange for someone to run your try-out.  This way you can watch the players & make your notes for the draft.

                                                          vi.      Run Try-Outs

1.      Call out each player name, then have the player run through a couple of drills.

2.      Late sign-ups are added to end of try-out process.

    1. Administer the draft process

                                                              i.      Make preparations for draft day

                                                            ii.      Conduct draft. 

1.      Draft procedures are outlined in a separate document. 

2.      Draft procedures are the same for each division.

3.      Tell the coaches to call the players on their team immediately with information about their team. 

                                                          iii.      Know the number of players on each team in your division and keep it updated because parents with late registration will call to request you to add players until your league is full & place others on waiting list.

                                                          iv.      Update Web Site with in 24 hours of the draft.

1.      The Membership Director will pull what she needs from the web site.

2.      The person in charge of uniforms will pull what they need from the web site

c.      Administer the practices & games

                                                              i.      Prepare practice schedule.

1.      Check with Directors sharing the gym for no overlap and non use of gym time.

2.      Update Web Site with practice schedule asap:

a.      HYBL board members can get what they need from the web site

b.      Coaches can get schedule from web site

c.      school administrator in charge of the gym you are using.

                                                            ii.      Obtain uniforms from league and distributed to each coach before the last practice.

                                                          iii.      Obtain score books from league & deliver to the gyms.  Check status of score book during season.

                                                          iv.      Let the school administrator of the school where your games are played know who you are & get the phone number of the persons who will be opening the gym for the games.

                                                            v.      Prepare game schedule

1.      Check with Director sharing the gym for no overlap and non use of gym time.

2.      Update Web Site with game schedule asap

a.      for HYBL board members

b.      for coaches,

c.      for director of officials

d.      for school administrator of your school.

    1. Actively support coaches as needed
    2. Bring closure to the season for your division
    3. Near the end of the season, pull standing off the web site and prepare play-off schedule.
    4.  Prepare play-off schedule and post on web site

                                                              i.      for coaches

                                                            ii.      players

                                                          iii.      director of officials

    1. If trophies or awards are to be awarded, arrange to get them to the gym when they can be distributed to each team.  (discuss this issue at draft with all coaches).
    2. Review the umpire bill for your division before the Treasurer makes payment.
    3. Review the schools billing for gym usage before Treasurer makes payment.

2.  Help educate and assist all participants and spectators about HYBL

3.  Attend Board meetings

  1. Prepare new ideas on how to improve league for next season
  2. Keep open lines of communication with Board members

4.  Be an ambassador of HYBL’s standards and expectations