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Points to discuss with coaches at Draft Meeting

From the HYBL Board


Head Coach Responsibility:
Make sure your team, bench, parents, and assistant coaches conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.  It is inappropriate to put yourself in a situation by getting too "caught up in the moment" where you set a bad example for the kids.  Coaches are to respect the officials at all times and make sure their team, bench, parents and assistant coaches do the same.  Accept that some mistakes will be made and move on.  We must create and foster a safe and positive environment for the kids.


Assistant Coaches:

Assistant coaches may not be pre-selected prior to the draft, nor may anyone but the head coach attend the draft.  This is to avoid the impression of "stacking" teams by allowing assistant coaches' kids to be "reserved" for teams, this is only allowed for head coaches.  Once teams are selected, the head coach may select or solicit an assistant at his or her prerogative from the parents on the team.  Sometimes they volunteer to help.  The assistant coach can help track playing time, help with substitutions, or in whatever other capacity that is helpful to the head coach.  It is not appropriate for an assistant to be overly vocal, especially towards officials, during games.


Read the new rules on the web site

Tell your players and parents to read the new rules

To highlight:

  • 2 Technicals and the player is out 2 games
  • 3 Technicals by one team and game is over
  • Team must have 5 of their players on court at game time or the game is a forfeit. 
  • Officials have the right to expel anyone (players, coaches, or parents) from the gym.
  • Hanging or pulling on baskets or nets on purpose is an expulsion from a game

Have a parent meeting

  • Have a team roster for each player with player’s names, jersey number and parent’s names.  This helps the parents and kids to get to know each other.
  • Determine who will help with scorebook and scoreboard.
  • Discuss sportsmanship and require signature of players and parents before 1st game.  We expect these before uniforms are issued.
  • Parents are responsible for their children and any damage to the school by their children.
  • This is not a babysitting service.  Do not drop off siblings or friends.  All children must have parental supervision.
  • Parents need to help pick up the kids trash & clothes after the games.
  • No balls being bounced in school other than gym.
  • NO Food or Drink in Middle School & High School main gyms (except bottled water).  The schools enforce this for their games and we must for our games.  Maybe select a team mom or rotate between parents the bringing of bottled water if you do not want to use the water fountain.
  • We recommend even playing time.   The most rewarding part of coaching is when you really strengthen a weaker player versus the stronger players.
  • Issues with Officials must be communicated in writing to the Division Director immediately.
  • Last game every night.  Leave promptly.  Do not have the league incur extra cost for parents that want to talk or kids looking for more gym time. Gym costs seem to go up every year.