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Welcome to Hanover County Virginia's HYBL home on the web!

Here, you'll be able to register on-line, get news, information, schedules, rosters, directions and much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our Hanover County Virginia (HYBL) Recreational Basketball.   If you have questions or comments about our new website or anything else about the organization you can E-Mail Us using our new feedback e-mail feature.

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HYBL Summer 2021 Basketball Details Coming Soon!

We will be announcing more details of our HYBL Summer 2021 Season shortly.  We are expecting to offer a schedule with Saturdays & Sundays only this summer (this is a change from previous summers) tentatively sceduled from June 12 - August 8.  Stay tuned for more information!

by posted 05/11/2021
Congrats to our Winter 2020-2021 HYBL Champions

Congrats to our 2020-2021 Division Champs!

by posted 03/16/2021
HYBL Information

Winter 2020-2021 Season Information

  • Waiver: All player families, coaches, and officials must fill out a waiver.
  • Registration Fees:
    • Pre-K - 3rd Grade Base Registration Fee: $135 per player (through 11/15/20)
    • Pre-K - 3rd Grade Late Registration Fee: $150 per player (starting 11/16/20) 
    • 4th - 12th Grade Base Registration Fee: $150 per player (through 11/15/20)
    • 4th - 12th Grade Late Registration Fee: $165 per player (starting 11/16/20) 
  • Late Registrations: We are still accepted a limited amount of late registrations for some divisions.  Please use the Feedback link and let us know what grade your player is in and we will respond with instructions for online registrations.
  • Player Evaluations: See below for specific times
  • Team Creation / Drafts: November 23 - 29
  • Schedule: December 5, 2020 - February 28, 2021 (Possibly through March 7, 2021)
    • Dates may be subject to change considering extenuating circumstances
    • League games and practices are usually scheduled on weekends only.  Saturday morning through evening, or Sunday afternoon through evening.
      • ​Depending on registration numbers and facilities needs this is also subject to change
    • This schedule reflects a reduced number of practices and games from prior year's due to a shorter schedule and fewer facilities
  • Eligibility: Boys and Girls Players in Pre-K - 12th grade
    • Hanover County Virginia and non-Hanover County residents are welcome
    • Players are grouped into Divisions by current grades
    • Players with conflicts are welcome, but please advise us of potential conflicts during registration
  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols: Please understand that it is HYBL's goal to host a complete season and adhere to safety measures that give us the best chance at success in completing a season and minimizing risk for all parties.  We ask that all HYBL parents, players, coaches, and officials be flexible and adaptable and offer patience and grace in light of dealing with this global pandemic.  As a result, the HYBL Board has set the following requirements:
    • See the CDC web site for questions about COVID Quarantine Guidelines.
    • We will require all coaches, officials, and spectators to wear mask or face shield at all times in our facility.  Masks or face shields must cover the mouth and nose unless you are drinking.  Please don't wear the masks as a chin strap, over your eyes only, or just around one ear!  Seriously, wear the masks properly people! 
    • We will require that players have masks on to enter and exit the facility and when not on the court.
    • We will limit attendance at games and practices to one accompanying adult (or spectator) per player..  No addtional siblings are allowed!
    • We will allow each team to have 2 coaches, but the scorekeeper must be an accompanying parent.
    • We will require that a waiver be completed for coaches, players, and parents.  No waiver, no play!  There will be paper forms available at the gym.
    • We will alternate start times for the two courts in the facility to reduce foot traffic and building occupancy.
    • We will limit entry to our facility to teams at specific times and ask that teams leave promptly after their event.  All events should wrap up after 55 minutes.
    • Players may bring their own ball to practices, but should NOT bring them to games.
    • If you are sick or your player is sick, please don't come to the gym.
    • Anyone in quarantine shouldn't attend HYBL events during the quarantine.
    • We will implement additional safety and cleaning measures consisting of appropriate best practices and standards. 
  • Facilities Locations: 
    • ​Primary Location: Big Ben's Home Court (Richmond, VA) - Safe location near Top Golf!
    • Alternate Location(s): TBD - In or near Hanover County, VA (Only if needed due to registration numbers/court space)
  • Refund Policy: See our Fees and Refund Policy Page
  • Tentative Division Information is below (this is subject to change):


Division/Grade Primary
Director Rim Height  Ball 
Bitty Ballers 
Big Ben's Home Court Paul Baitinger 8' 27.5"
CoEd 1st Grade Big Ben's Home Court Kevin Brooks / Paul Baitinger 8' 27.5"
CoEd 2nd Grade Big Ben's Home Court Kevin Brooks / Paul Baitinger 9' 27.5"
Boys 3rd Grade Big Ben's Home Court John Vandenhoff 9' 28.5"
Boys 4th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Nesha Vest 10' 28.5"
Boys 5th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Kevin Brooks 10' 28.5"
Boys 6th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Rodney Cole 10' 29.5"
Boys 7th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Dave Cook 10' 29.5"
Boys 8th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Will Ford / Paul Baitinger 10' 29.5"
Boys 9th Grade Big Ben's Home Court

Paul Baitinger / Will Ford

10' 29.5"
Boys 10th-12th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Primary: Jason Heckman
Backup: Paul Baitinger
10' 29.5"
Girls 3rd-5th Grade Big Ben's Home Court Jennifer Elkins / Paul Baitinger 10' 28.5"
Girls MS/HS Big Ben's Home Court
Richard Stewart 10' 28.5"
To contact a Division Director, please refer to our Board of Directors page.
For maps or directions see our Court Locations page.

Jersey Returns

If you haven't returned your Jersey and still need to, please contact Paul Baitinger or Kevin Brooks from our Board of Directors page.

Congrats to our Winter 2019-2020 Season Champions

Check out our Division Champions Page for pictures of our Champions!

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If you have any other questions please contact us.

by posted 06/12/2020