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Following is the sportsmanship pledge that you will be required to agree to in the registration process.  We encourage you to read it (parents, players, and coaches), take it to heart, and abide by it throughout the season.



Hanover Youth Basketball League Sportsmanship
Code of Conduct


Agreeing to abide by the tenets of this pledge is a condition of registering in the Hanover Youth Basketball League.


The Hanover Youth Basketball League (HYBL) exists to promote the mental and physical development of youth in such a way as to develop high character and moral standards, a sense of competitiveness and fair play, and respect for authority. Any player, coach, assistant coach, parent, guardian, or spectator who is involved in disruptive behavior such as, but not limited to, abusive language, taunting, fighting, or confrontation with an official will be subject to disciplinary action such as possible removal from the gym and/or a minimum one-game suspension following the violation.  If such an event occurs, the league's Sportsmanship Oversight Committee (the HYBL Board) will be notified immediately and further action will be determined by this committee after a discussion with all parties involved.

Acceptance of this pledge in the registration process indicates agreement to abide by the above and to aid HYBL in the enforcement by reporting violators in writing.